“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”

Zig Ziglar

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We help you build your own booming business online using the awesome power of social media without spam.

Here you will discover why more and more network marketers just like you are currently abandoning their dead-end lead generation methods and starting implementing principles of the new model. It’s time you also had this opportunity.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Alex Yuz

About Alex Yuz

When I first joined a network marketing company, I had dreams of quitting my nine-to-five dead end job, spending more time with my family, and building a booming business. After a few months my friends and family either quit or did nothing. I was pretty anxious about the task of going out “hunting” for new prospects at the mall or at random Social Media Groups, where they weren’t looking for a business.

I sensed I was starting to use and lose friends as I tried to reach my goals. I was ashamed to talk about my "business" with friends because I felt so awkward about the spammy marketing strategies I used on social media.

With all the frustration, I had two choices with my business, either quit or make a serious decision to treat it like a BUSINESS.

I knew there was a better way to grow my business so I investigated for myself, hired a professional business coach, I invested in few courses and discovered one simple business strategy that increased my conversions. I now have people ASKING to be a part of my program which allows me to truly help people, instead of just sell.

I started producing content and learned how to use Social Media for traffic and conversion. I started collaborating with other marketers and entrepreneurs who were on the same path. I committed myself to personal and professional development and doing whatever it would take to make my business work.

You can learn this exact strategy. After implementing the steps taught in the course, you'll stand out as a professional and truly set yourself apart, even amidst a business where there are thousands of others working for the same company, with the same goals, on the same social media.


Sounds familiar?

  1. Post on social media
  2. Bug your friends and family
  3. Message 10 random strangers a day
  4. Spam some more on social media
  5. Spend hours in front of the computer or messaging random people from random social groups who ignore you
  6. Share, Share, Share!
  7. Run out of people to talk to
  8. Pretend to be more successful than you really are


Have you ever experienced any of these problems?

  1. You’re constantly talking to unqualified prospects?
  2. Don’t have enough people to talk to?
  3. You get some results here and there, but you have zero consistency?
  4. You have tried networking with people, social media spamming, prospecting etc., but you don’t have a clear DMO?
  5. You are always “hunting” for new customers and partners?

If any of these feel like you, none of them are the actual problem, these are just symptoms of the problem.

The real problem is that you’re stuck in the OLD MODEL that rarely work anymore and you haven’t yet upgraded to NEW MODEL principles:


Old Model

New Model

Everyone is a prospect (ineffective marketing message that attracts no one) Identify your perfect prospect (proper marketing message that attracts right people)
Use company replicated websites and look exactly like everyone else (drown in a sea of mediocrity) Create your own process and stand out from the crowd (completion becomes irrelevant)
Build someone else’s business and cross your fingers that they make decisions with your best interest in mind Build your own business by creating your own assets (brand, blog, list of followers) and promote other people products as “income streams”.
Frustrating and in most cases doesn’t last Requires work at first but is stable and consistent (and way more profitable)
A business that can’t stand up to time and pressure (weak foundation) A business that is not affected by anything outside of your personal control (strong foundation)

The new model is for people who want to build a real business which will constantly grow, stable, predictable, and steady through the test of time and competition. A profitable Business whether you’re working on it, or not.


What is successful marketing?

Successful marketing is about putting the right message in front of the right people at just the right time.

The real value and asset in your home based business is not the product you promote, nor the MLM company you signed up with.


it`s a game changer

What if…

  1. You had interested prospects that wanted to hear about your business, reaching out to YOU every day?
  2. You didn’t have to feel the pressure of depending on your own warm market to take you seriously?
  3. You could stop hounding your friends and family, save a bunch of time, stop spamming your business on social media messaging people that just ignore you?
  4. Your prospects respected and looked up to you as a credible authority?
  5. You woke up to an email inbox of fresh leads and prospects every day and you didn’t have to leave your house if you didn’t feel like it that day?
  6. You didn’t have to wonder where your next customer or sign up was going to come from and you could finally hit the top level of your company?



  1. You wake up every morning to leads and prospects in your email inbox that are excited to hear from you and learn more about your business.
  2. You are no longer have to wonder around trying to find your next prospect at the mall or coffee shop (you can actually go out to dinner and NOT feel like you HAVE to prospect the wait staff.
  3. You can finally talk to people that respect and look up to you and want to do business with you.
  4. You can be a leader that professionals and influencers want to do business with.
  5. You can automate your business so if you want to take vacation, you can, and your leads and sales won’t stop coming in.
  6. You can turn heads at your next company event, while people start asking you “where have all these results come from?”


I’ve spent a lot of time developing, testing and optimizing the most complete, proven, and easy-to-use system for generating consistent and scalable profits through blogging.

The results is 6 core modules with step-by-step video instructions and stash of checklists, cheat sheets and templates that hold your hand through every step needed to build your online BRAND, BLOG, and SALES FUNNEL that does the sharing and selling of your business.

Some of my students have gotten their systems up and running in less than one week!


“Take responsibility of your finances – or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it. Your choice.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki



Jessica M


Jessica M

“It’s really helped me grow. I finally started getting qualified prospects, who were interested in my business opportunity. My team grew from 16 people to 39 in just a month!

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Anna T


Anna T

“This course has helped me to identify my mistakes and work on them. I now know exactly what to do in order to build my business online fast, while attracting more and more interested people”

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Mike C


Mike C

“Hey Alex, I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you have done a really good job. Everything was easy and well organized. I’m glad I decided to work with you”.

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